How is life in Lee’s Summit MO in today’s time?

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Featuring magical landscapes, and wonderful scenic beauty, Lee’s Summit MO is probably a piece of heaven on the earth’s crust. Lying between the counties of Cass and Jackson, this the 6th largest city in the state of Missouri, and one of the highly populated cities in the state.  This  city houses the Brick Downtown neighborhood, one of the important historical sites in the US. The site houses a century old yet functional railway terminal as well as restaurants, shops and, seasonal markets operated by farmers. The city stays vibrant with annual celebrations like Halloween Parade, ample of seasonal events and concerts in its parks that allow free entry to the visitors. 

Welcome to one of the safest cities in the US

Lee’s Summit holds an appreciable standing, being one of the least crime-prone cities across the US. The society here is stable and it offers the right impetus for the flourish of professional and business activities. Across the city, there are robust framework for academic activities, as well as ample of potential for business and jobs. In terms of the High School Graduation rate, Lee’s Summit, scoring a score of 94%, bags a top place in the national list in this regard. 

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Lea McKeighan Park – South one of the key attractions in the city 

The Lea McKeighan Park – South is one of the primary attractions in the city of Lee’s Summit. Spreading over an area of 11 acres with a trail of 6 miles, this venue has all the facilities to keep the visitors of all ages happily engaged for hours. There are the equipment and facilities for the infants and the elderly people. In addition, the park includes a restroom that the visitors can use to relax during the course of their stay in the park. 

The key facilities in this park include a 4-Bay Swing Set, a miniature of the Big Ben, Natury Play area, as well as Jungle Zym. In addition, ample of open spaces as well as the pond. The park has a parking facility that can accommodate up to 100 vehicles at a go. This park is within commutable distance from the center of the city, and keeps operating the year round. Across the year, various cultural events and other functions are hosted in its premises that keeps the visitors happily engaged for hours. 

If you are visiting Lee’s Summit, this is one site that you must pay a visit to.

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